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AgroPrecisión Spa. We are a company with vast experience in the domestic agricultural market, positioned as the leader in services and products for precision agriculture in chile.

AgroPrecisión has organized and has participated in several national and international projects along with INIA (National Institute of Agricultural Investigation) and FIA (Agricultural innovation foundation) for diffusion and technological transfer of precision agriculture.

With the constant mission of facilitate analysis tools for decision-making process related to a differentiated management of each sector and it’s potential to improve their productivity and performance by optimizing resources in an environmentally clean fashion.


We offer exclusive and last generation technology as Electro Magnetic Conductivity (EMC) soil scanners, multispectral aerial cameras and a range of products such as weather stations, soil moisture sensors, pressure pumps, which combined with DGPS satellite technology, create maps that enable the identification of agronomic factors that affect crop yields.



We are a select, multidisciplinary team of professionals including Agricultural Engineers and surveyors, trained in handling and application of techniques for Precision Farming in accordance to international standards, which will provide the best customer support.


Obtain accurate soil maps designed for use on irrigation projects, differentiated planning and management of your farm.

AGROMAP is an essential tool to start managing your crops according to the real productive  potential of the soil.

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Soil mapping (EMC) + Digital Topography.

Agromap Plus is a new trend that potentiates soil variability studies by using top GPS technology with the exclusive EM38 system, which is hauled with an ATV.

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Simultaneous soil mapping (EMC) and vertical canopy vigor (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index: NDVI).

Along with Electro Magnetic Conductivity (EMC) soil maps, given by our BASIC AGROMAP service, we offer the option of a vertical canopy plant vigor variability map

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Multispectral aerial images are obtained with the newest generation of airborne sensors.

Exclusive in South America, this service achieves an excellent pixel resolution, less than 1 meter.

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Digital topographic survey, mapping, profiles, done with state-of-the-art equipment.

Blueprints are georeferenced with metric coordinates UTM (Universal Transverse Mercator) according to datum WGS84 since precision spots are measured with DGPS system to anchor measurements done by the whole station.

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We deliver accurate information for the decision- making process of your new projects, providing assistance at the time of deciding what to buy or rent for agricultural purposes.

Area plotting with DGPS system. Fastest, accurate and convenient way to recognize your project’s planimetric area.

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Absolute reflectance active sensor, emits and captures reflectance of near infrared and red spectrum light waves to develop vegetation indexes (NDVI, SAVI, PCD, RVI, among others).

With this information, vigor variability maps are issued with high precision and detail as measurements are done with DGPS system.

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Vigor mapping with drones.

New system for aerial mapping. Remote control drones with embedded special cameras, obtain high spatial resolution images with less than 5 cm. pixel.

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Get an excellent tool for your territorial management, essential for precision farming projects.

This service consists in a georeferenced mapping of blocks, rows and central posts with a DGPS system, measuring spots and paths on the field with the accuracy of less than 1 mt.

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