Reflective Film


SunBRIGHT It is a plastic that reflects specific waves of light towards the lower part of trees, achieving great illumination and increase of the temperature in 1 to 2 ºC.

Its exclusive formulation composed of different types of metal layers, combine to reflect a high proportion of specific light waves that has been shown to be the most effective for fruit coloring, among other benefits.

This reflective plastic has been shown to significantly increase the color in species and varieties such as:

  • APPLES: Gala, Royal Gala, Braeburn, Fuji, Pink, Lady, among others.
  • PLUMS: Red Beaut, Black Beaut, Fortune, Roysum, among others.
  • DURAZNOS: All varieties
  • NECTARINES: All varieties
  • TABLE GRAPE: Flame Seedless, Red Globe, Red Seedless, Crimson
  • UVA VINIFERA: Helps increase color and Brix degrees.
  • CHERRIES: All varieties.
  • CLEMENTINAS: All varieties.


• Increase fruit induction in the basal branches of the tree.

• Increase photosynthesis of the plant. Advance harvest date.

• Decrease in the population of insects such as “Californian Trips”.


16 mm 1.5 mm x 1200 Mts
16 mm 1.0 mm x 1200 Mts
16 mm 1.2 mm x 1200 Mts