With two versions, Davinci and Basic, AQUA-PRO  sensors use radio frequency technology to measure soil dielectric coefficient with variable humidity contents, obtaining accurate measurements with a variation range about  +/- 1%. This readings are independent from soil’s electric conductivity.

The portable humidity sensor AQUA-PRO is inserted inside the access Poly-Pro tube to obtain soil moisture readings. Access tubes are installed in areas where monitoring soil’s moisture levels is desired. Tubes are made with a special extruded polycarbonate. Its walls are specially calibrated and designed for the function of measuring soil´s moisture. Replacing the tube with one made of a different material (eg.PVC) will throw inaccurate and incorrect readings. Sampling amount is unlimited and possible to perform at any root depth for a complete soil humidity profile.

Acces tubes have a standard length of 1 mt.

Spectrum TDR 350

The portable moisture sensor TDR (Time Domaine Reflectometry) uses radio frecuency signals to determine soil´s dielectric variation properties related to soil´s  water content. This equipment has a LCD screen and an internal data logger for 50,000 dates allowing direct readings, phone application reading (Bluetooth) or download data into PC (USB conector) for further analysis and interpretation also has a internal GPS thats gives you a georeferenced maps of your ranch.

in the application you can have different fields and send them directly, being able to make humidity maps, statistics and graphics about them