Obtain accurate soil maps designed for use on irrigation projects, differentiated planning and management of your farm.

AGROMAP is an essential tool to start managing your crops according to the real productive  potential of the soil. To achieve this, digital accurate maps are issued using georeferenced measurements of Electro Magnetic Conductivity (EMC) of the soil. The survey equipment scans the soil’s EMC obtaining more than 1000 readings per hectare; with this readings a map is issued representing the different characteristics of the soil. Performing directed samplings, it is possible to distinguish every homogenous soil sector showed in digitized maps for a better management.

AgroMAP advantages

  • Know soil’s texture variability with high accuracy.
  • Design irrigation blocks
  • Adequate existent irrigation systems to soil’s water retention capacity.
  • Determine representative areas/zones with different soil textures.
  • Establish a differentiated area/zone management according to physical/chemical characteristics.